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why choose kapwa studio

You're scaling your business and ready to reach the next level

The next step? Finding someone you trust to help you execute your vision and see outside of your periphery – all while holding the same high standards you set for yourself.

Deep down, you know that every stage of growth is an opportunity to surrender. You know it’s possible to find the people you can trust to tell your brand story.

aloha, we're kapwa studio

social media storytelling studio

At kapwa studio, we create brand advocates through community-driven marketing, content and social media management. We work with high-touch brands who value memorable experiences for their community on and offline.

You have a vision and want your story to be told. With over ten years of shared experience as creatives in the online space, we incorporate your brand mission into thought-provoking stories that tug at your customers’ heartstrings.

Let’s build a fire from the ground up so your community can learn about the ideas, experiences, and brand mission you have to share.

what we do

strategic brand storytelling on social media

Brand & Research Strategy

story-driven messaging

Your product has a story waiting to be told. We take your brand story + transform it into thought-provoking, relatable, or tear-invoking content.

Social Media Management

focus on community building

Our community-focused social media management makes your customers feel seen, heard, and included. We create real, genuine relationships that help your company's organic reach compound.

Brand & Research Strategy

research + data-driven

Your target audience will be informed buyers and lifelong brand advocates for your business. We follow an intuitive, data-informed research + content strategy so you feel confident your brand resonates with your customers.

Kapwa Studio Founders

meet the filipinx + okinawan dream team fueled by caffeine, dog cuddles + food 🥰

alexis galamay (she/they/siya)

Alexis is a proud introvert, ADHD-er, and cycle breaker who puts community first.

As a Doctor of Pharmacy turned Digital Strategist, Alexis uses her analytic brain + adaptability to get ahead of the algorithm while allowing empathy + intuition to guide her content creation.

She finds joy in reconnecting with her Filipino roots by meeting kababayans (fellow Filipinx), practicing kali (Filipino Martial Arts), and learning our history.

krista aoki (she/her)

Having called many places home, Krista’s life work is dedicated to exploring the nuances of the Asian diaspora.

Krista combines her background in branding with an affinity for writing to create tear-jerking, relatable content that creates relationships over the screen.

Offline, she celebrates 2+ years of sobriety, a love of trail running, and her growing board game collection. Ask her about the 18 months she spent in Vietnam! 

what we stand for

kapwa | komitment | bayanihan


the self we see in others; fellow human being

Kapwa is the root of everything we do. Woven into our business through + through, we connect to our shared identity as bodies of culture to tell your brand’s story and create relationships with customers who will advocate for you for life.


commitment: to adaptation, growth + culture

With a respect for the knowledge and values from our elders, we commit to bringing culture into modern day media. We’re dedicated to learning, adapting, and promoting inclusivity so we can grow with the next generations of brand advocates.


being a community; helping one another

Growth takes a village and everything we do is part of being a community. We act from a place of abundance because our ancestors taught us there’s more than enough food for everyone at the table.

work with us

strategic storytelling + copywriting

Studies show stories are 22 times more effective in marketing than facts alone.
Our storytelling packages are designed so we can co-create content that will grab customers
by their heartstrings + include enough facts to justify their decision.

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brand story

For the visionary who knows their story disrupts the status quo

One-Time Commitment

Deep Dive

  • 2-hour kickoff interview that digs into the roots of your brand + purpose

Brand Story + Content Strategy

  • True-to-you brand story that will resonate with your customers
  • Content pillars, content ideas, and key messaging themes
  • Brand rulebook that can evolve with your brand + be passed onto your team – so that everyone is on the same page
kapwa studio - social media management - icon - 2

community building +
social media growth

For the visionary who wants to create impact + relationships on social media

3-Month Commitment

Social Media Growth + Strategy

  • Weekly Instagram posts
  • Hashtag + Reach strategy
  • Comment engagement
  • Community interaction
  • Growth ideas + strategy
  • Reposting on other platforms

Priority Support

  • Quarterly brainstorm sessions
  • Monthly brand strategy report + meeting
  • Slack consulting + support
kapwa studio - social media management - icon - 3

done-for-you content +

For the Founder who wants copywriting strategy, support + implementation


Done-For-You Copywriting

  • Seasonal launches
  • Website copywriting
  • Holiday sales
  • Welcome sequence copywriting
  • Email newsletter writing


hear from our clients

Your story has the power to change the way people see + experience the world

If your mission is to amplify identity, heritage and culture, we’ll use storytelling marketing to create generational impact.

Instead of competing on price, your brand will tug at the heartstrings and build a community for your business on and offline.

We’re intentional content producers who care for your brand + community. Your brand is a cultural steward + our mission is to ignite conversations.

This way, you can shift your energy towards serving your community, pursuing high-level problems, and staying present in your business.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Alexis + Krista

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