community building + social media growth
for impact-driven businesses

community building. organic growth. storytelling.

community growth packages

thought-provoking community-building on instagram

Managing a social media profile can take up to 32 hours per month.
Work with our intuitive, data-driven team to build lifetime relationships on social.
Our three tiers of Instagram growth packages are for the visionary who wants to outsource community growth so they can focus on bigger problems.

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foundational growth

Perfect for you if:

  • You’re just starting out on Instagram + need consistent marketing to help your platform grow
  • You’re tired of being on Instagram 24/7 + looking for a team to trust to elevate your brand
  • You’re growing your team and are ready for marketing management + Instagram strategy.

What You Get:

  • 3 Instagram posts per week (increases to 4 posts per week after the first 3 months with no price change) 
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sustained growth

Perfect for you if:

  • You’re committed to prioritizing social media reach as it improves your bottom line
  • Your ideal audience is on multiple platforms + you want to maximize reach
  • You want strategists who can give you the information you need to inform business decisions

What You Get: 

  • 4 Instagram posts per week (increases to 5 posts per week after the first 3 months with no price change) 
  • Reposting on up to 2 platforms
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rooted growth

Perfect for you if: 

  • You’re a solopreneur who doesn’t want to learn social media trends or train a new employee
  • You have video content laying around and don’t know what to do with it
  • You want an intentional Reels strategy that resonates with your ideal audience

What You Get:

  • 2 Reels per month
  • 5 Instagram posts per week (increases to 6 posts per week after the first 3 months with no price change) 
  • Reposting on up to 2 platforms

Our Instagram Community Growth packages start at $2,000/month, with a 3-month contract for best results.
We value long-term relationships with our clients + want to grow alongside you through every
Instagram + business milestone! After the first three months, you receive an extra
four posts per month (a $600/month value) with each package.

what you get

confidence, time + direction

data-driven brand strategy

You’ll receive monthly meetings to discuss sales, Instagram and marketing strategy so that you feel confident you’re offloading your marketing in a way that complements your business operations.

more time + resources

It takes at least 32 hours to run a social media platform. What bigger problems could you solve for your business with an extra 32 hours per month?

more sales

We follow attraction marketing strategies that keep your brand at the top of customers’ minds while building know, like and trust so that you reach more people + make more sales.

brand advocates

Our signature kapwa storytelling method creates lifelong brand advocates: people who feel so passionately about your brand that they recommend you to their friends, family + neighbors.

brand direction + execution

You’ll get a team who has your back. With communication via Slack + monthly strategy calls, you’ll feel relieved to have a team to support you as you reach the next levels of your business.

front-facing customer support

With a focus on Instagram growth and front-facing community engagement, we engage with your community via comments so that they feel heard + cared for while staying true to your brand voice.

real insights

shareable, saveable, engaging content

what we do

strategic brand storytelling on social media

Brand & Research Strategy

story-driven messaging

Your product has a story waiting to be told. We take your brand story + transform it into thought-provoking, relatable, or tear-invoking content.

Social Media Management

focus on community building

Our community-focused social media management makes your customers feel seen, heard, and included. We create real, genuine relationships that help your company's organic reach compound.

Brand & Research Strategy

research + data-driven

Your target audience will be informed buyers and lifelong brand advocates for your business. We follow an intuitive, data-informed research + content strategy so you feel confident your brand resonates with your customers.

we publish content that matters + makes an impact

real comments on our client profiles

content strategy that improves your bottom line

the perfect mix of data-driven + intuitive

🗣 Increased brand awareness that leads to sales

📈 Clear KPIs defined that improve your bottom line

🧠 Time saved so you can solve high-level problems

📊 Data-driven brand marketing + consulting

🗓 One client reported nearly holiday-level sales in January,
a month typically slow for eCommerce businesses

🎄 Another client freed up time to focus on B2B sales, 
landing their entire line of products in a holiday pop-up shop 

hear from our clients

our clients feel like family

You're changing the business landscape.

With kapwa studio, you’ll work with storytellers who weave business + marketing strategy with a deep love for community. Instead of competing on price, your business will tug at the heartstrings and build a community for your business on and offline.

We help your brand’s character shine through. This way, you can focus your energy on serving your community and staying present in your business.

With love and ube lattes,

Alexis + Krista