Instagram Reels Ideas for Small Businesses

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Are you looking for trendy Instagram Reels ideas for your small business? Right now, Reels are a popular way to both expand your reach and engage with your community.

You might notice Reels have been taking up up more and more space as you browse the app:

  • On the Explore page, Reels take up twice as much space as a regular grid post
  • The algorithm pushes Reels to the top of users’ Home feeds
  • In the Reels feed, users can scroll through Reels – whether or not they are following accounts

What are Instagram reels?

Like TikTok, Instagram Reels allow users to use audio and film a 15-60 second video. Unlike Instagram Stories, which have a 24 hour lifespan, Reels remain on your feed. That increases the lifespan of your post and shareability.

Reels show up on the Explore page, a user’s feed, or the Reels page. People who view the reel can also post it onto their stories.

You can use Reels to get your posts in front of more eyes.

What to Post

Here are some ideas of footage you can record to send to your social media manager, or post yourself. Create content that’s authentic, evokes an emotion, is educational, or gives a peek at the behind-the-scenes.

  • Behind the scenes: packing orders timelapse
  • Day in your life + footage from that
  • New products
  • How to use your products/service
  • Your story through pictures: tell a story about your journey through photos, with a song playing in the background
  • Before and after photos or videos
  • Hop on an existing trend

Are you recording reel footage to be edited by someone else? Follow these tips:

  • Invest in lighting or shoot in sunlight. 
  • Think about the stories you want to tell with your Reels before you shoot, or discuss with your social media manager beforehand.
  • Pre-Edit. Record footage in increments so you can send your Reels editor shorter files. 

Final Tips

One of the best parts about Instagram Reels is you don’t have to worry about a fancy production.

  1. Simplicity is key. Don’t overthink your video creation. Make things as simple as possible to start, and grow from there. 
  2. Capture and retain attention. Try to edit videos so that they keep someone’s attention through the entire length of the video. Bonus points if they watch the Reel over and over again!
  3. Don’t delete your videos. Even if a Reel flops initially, it might be pushed by the algorithm weeks or months down the line. 

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Krista Aoki
Krista Aoki
Krista Aoki is a brand storyteller and co-founder of kapwa studio. She combines her background in branding with an affinity for writing to tell relatable stories that create relationships over the screen. Connect with her on Instagram.

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