Q4 2021 case study: holiday awareness + sales

Parents are human

  • Organic content strategy (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Brand collaborations + giveaways
  • Holiday revenue increased 954% in 2021 compared to 2020

the product

Parents Are Human is a bilingual card game designed to spark deep conversations between you and your loved ones, especially within immigrant families.

Each deck contains 70 increasingly deep prompts, with two difficulty levels, to inspire connection, compassion, and vulnerability.

Each card has a question or action prompt with English on the front and a translated language on the back to help bridge language, culture, and generational gaps.

By building brand awareness on social media, we continue to support Parents Are Human fulfill their mission to help people around the world connect deeply with their parents and loved ones.

working together

We started working alongside Parents Are Human in Q4 2021 to grow their social media community. Here are some of the things we continue to accomplish:

📲 Deliver engaging, compelling content on multiple platforms

🤝 Collaborate with influencers and other businesses who share a common mission + vision

🗣 Use social to guide the conversation around the brand

💬 Educate the community about the brand beyond the product or service

We started working with Parents Are Human in November + December 2021, to develop an organic growth and content strategy to support their paid advertising campaigns, build brand equity, and foster a genuine community of like-minded followers.

As a result, holiday revenue increased 954% percent in 2021 compared to 2020.

the results

In addition to holiday revenue increasing 954% compared to 2020,
Parents Are Human reached 4,055 new families in November and December 2021! 🎉

month 1: november 2021

  • 540,943 Impressions on Instagram alone (534% growth)
  • Content Interactions increased by 517%
  • Engaged 456% more accounts
  • Grew non-follower engagement by 379%
  • Gained 997 followers (31% growth)
  • Increased Website Taps by 565%
  • Increased Profile Visits by 441%

month 2: december 2021

  • 606,736 Impressions on Instagram alone (12% growth)
  • Content Interactions increased by 634%
  • Engaged 516% more accounts
  • Grew non-follower engagement by 614%
  • Gained 2,627 followers (45% growth)
  • Increased Website Taps by 2%
  • Increased Profile Visits by 141%

*Statistics are in comparison to the previous month.

"kapwa studio is hands down the best social agency i've ever worked with.

Krista & Alexis are brand directors who have a genuine passion for building long-lasting relationships and thriving communities on social.

They care for our followers and customers like they are their own. I can’t even remember the last time I had to edit a caption or comment they drafted—yes, they are THAT good.

I have complete trust in their ability to discover and continuously improve an organic social strategy that works for our business. We’ve been able to go viral not just once, but multiple times with their efforts, leading to more sales.

Most importantly, we can now call many of our followers our dear friends, and that sense of community is priceless.

Joseph J. Lam
Parents Are Human

By the end of our second month, we gained over 3,600+ followers organically (over 50%). Parents Are Human’s increased social media presence helped multiply their Instagram following, customer base, and holiday revenue. 2 of 7 languages sold out before Christmas.

Our team at kapwa studio is helping Parents Are Human build a community around their mission to bridge the generational gap between immigrant parents and children.

Parents Are Human is a product that brings families closer together, and our services help them reach communities of brand advocates who spread their message via word-of-mouth and referrals.