instagram storytellers
for poc-owned businesses

build a community of brand advocates
who spread the word about your brand while
you grow your business

aloha, we're krista + alexis

we elevate poc-owned businesses with storytelling marketing

Great content grabs your customers by their heartstrings + includes enough facts to justify their decision.

  • 📈 Studies show stories are 22 times more effective in marketing than facts alone.
  • 💬 You can use stories to create brand advocates – customers who elevate your brand by telling their friends + family, leave positive reviews, and purchase from your brand throughout their lifetime.

We can help you manage your business’s social media + create generational relationships with your customers while you focus on other parts of your business.

real insights

shareable, saveable, engaging content

what we do

strategic brand storytelling on instagram

Brand & Research Strategy

story-driven messaging

Your product has a story waiting to be told. We take your content + transform it into thought-provoking, relatable, or tear-invoking words.

Social Media Management

focus on community building

Our community-focused Instagram management makes your customers feel seen, heard, and appreciated. We create real, genuine relationships that help your company's organic reach compound.

Brand & Research Strategy

research + data-driven

Your target audience will be informed buyers and lifelong brand advocates for your business. We follow an intuitive, data-informed research strategy so you feel confident your brand resonates with your customers.

what you get

confidence, time + direction

more time

It takes at least 32 hours to run a social media platform. What bigger problems could you solve for your business with an extra 32 hours per month?

more sales

We follow attraction marketing strategies that keep your brand at the top of customers’ minds while building know, like and trust so that you reach more people + make more sales.

brand advocates

Our signature storytelling method creates lifelong brand advocates: people who feel so passionately about your brand that they recommend you to their friends, family + neighbors.

we publish content that matters + makes an impact

real comments on our client profiles

stories that improve your bottom line

what investing in your brand story can give you

📈 Space to start or expand B2B + wholesale partnerships

🗣 Buzz around your product + brand values

🧠 Time saved so you can solve high-level problems

💬 Community of brand advocates

📊 Brand awareness that leads to sales + aligned partnerships

work with us

strategic storytelling on instagram

Studies show stories are 22 times more effective in marketing than facts alone.
Our storytelling packages are designed so we can co-create content that will grab customers
by their heartstrings + include enough facts to justify their decision.

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brand story playbook

For the Founder who wants to dig into the roots of their brand and walk away with a Playbook that will evolve with your team

One-Time Commitment

Deep Dive

  • 2-hour kickoff interview that digs into the roots of your brand + purpose

Brand Story + Content Strategy

  • True-to-you brand story that will resonate with your customers
  • Content pillars, content ideas, and key messaging themes
  • Brand rulebook that can evolve with your brand + be passed onto your team – so that everyone is on the same page
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consistent content

For the Founder who wants support staying consistent on Instagram so they can free up time, solve high-level problems, + pursue strategic partnerships

3-Month Commitment

Social Media Management

  • 3 weekly grid posts
  • Client provides photos and edited videos / limited to two simple graphics per month
  • Monthly journal prompts so your audience feels clearly connected to you + your brand
  • Caption writing, production + comment engagement only

This starter package does not include brand consulting support on Slack, brand strategy, Instagram story content creation, or monthly analytics.

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community growth

For the Founder who wants to leverage momentum to grow their community, solve high-level problems, AND receive brand consulting + support

3-Month Commitment

Social Media Growth + Strategy

  • Weekly Instagram posts
  • Hashtag + Reach strategy
  • Comment engagement
  • Community interaction
  • Growth ideas + strategy
  • Reposting on other platforms

Priority Support

  • Quarterly brainstorm sessions
  • Monthly brand strategy report + meeting
  • Slack consulting + support

hear from our clients

our clients feel like family

You're changing the business landscape.

Working with us, you’ll work with storytellers who weave business + marketing perspectives with a deep love for culture. Instead of competing on price, your business will tug at the heartstrings and build a community for your business on and offline.

We help your brand’s character shine through. This way, you can focus your energy on serving your community and staying present in your business.

With love and ube lattes,
Alexis + Krista